Rescue is a little voice that whispers close to your ear. Rescue is a world, wherein me, you, and everybody could fit comfortably. Rescue are songs, first, and a singer, then. Rescue is the aim, and the meaning of making music, according to Vincenzo (he IS Rescue). Through vibrant melodies, Rescue delivers words as a river flows: a long and deep river, a lifetime long water flow; Islands and woods are the landscape surrounding , shaped by the intimate way Vincenzo traces his experience, from his childhood till today. He does it with a focus on his tormented interior life, using music as a cathartic vehicle, to reach other people, and to reach himself. Music is a therapy, and Rescue is a pill. Rescue’s aim is to let other people know they are not alone, and his life experience made him believe it is fundamental to know that. Rescue talks to hearts. Follow the flow of his songs, and you’ll find yourself in a world where southern Italian palm trees and northern mists, cobbled streets and concrete estates, the written word and VHS movies, as well as loneliness, and a deep love for human beings, are blended together and processed into touching pictures and stories.

Rescue (Vincenzo Di Sarno) has released:
- "Silence Here" - out on 29th January, 2016
- "Night" (single) - out on 18th January, 2016
- "Your Eyes" (single) - out on 12th June, 2015
- "Barcelona" (single) - out on 20th January, 2014
- "A Rainbow In The Dark EP" - out on 30th April, 2013